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How Coaching Works

More than anything, coaching is about creating space and time amid the busy flow of life for deep thinking followed by action. As a coach I help hold this space for my clients, promote their inner discovery, and encourage goal setting, planning and action. Coaching is about learning in doing. It is about imagining what is possible, charting the course forward and discovering from the journey.

Coaching happens in conversation. Coach and client meet, and through the vehicle of powerful conversations, complex ideas and situations are explored, goals are set, action is planned, and valuable feedback is given. The foundation of the relationship between client and coach is trust. Both parties must feel they may speak freely and in the security of absolute confidentiality.

Coaching supports the development of new skills and improved performance in areas related to business development, professional development, leadership, client relations, strategic planning, client teams and practice group management. My clients appreciate the confidentiality and the respectful and attentive support that coaching provides.

Some examples from my practice include:

Coaching works best when a client is motivated and working towards something. I will only work with a client if I am confident that coaching will be valuable for them to develop professionally.