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Coaching For Lawyers

My coaching program is for American and Canadian lawyers in private practice or in-house who are seeking to thrive in their work and personal lives.

The private one-to-one coaching sessions, accountability tools, and additional resources are designed to equip you to meet the challenges and pressures of legal practice head-on and to advance your goals.
Are you?
Or maybe you are?
Do you?
Coaching provides confidential and experienced support to help you do your best thinking, and provide you with insights and action steps to move your forward. A coach is 100% on your team with no agenda except to help you reach your goals.

Try a free coaching session to experience this for yourself.

Here’s a small excerpt of what clients say about working with me:

“I appreciate the way Allison can pick up on what’s bothering me and allow me to let it out. In law, we’re so restricted in terms of confidentiality, so it really helps to be able to talk to someone.”

” I really like working with you and how you are able to cut through the BS and get to the heart of things.”

“Allison’s coaching style provides a relationship that empowers and supports me as a professional and holds me accountable for progress towards my goals. She balances accountability with understanding the nature of a busy practice.”

“I started (and most importantly, stuck with!) a personalized professional development plan that works for me. Making a plan, and continuing to put that plan into place. Without question, coaching helped shape the direction of my practice, and shifted my approach to client development.”

“She celebrates my successes, helps me generate ideas, and holds me accountable in moving forward, even when I am feeling uncertain or discouraged. She helps me build my resilience in dealing with all the challenges inherent in being a lawyer. She also has a very essential human touch I really appreciate.”

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