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Here’s what some of Allison’s coaching clients past and present have said about their experience:

Employment lawyer:

Allison’s coaching is smart, strategic, rational and tailored to fit with my career goals and personality. Her delivery is calm and positive, yet frank. As lawyers, we aspire to be that one person our client will call before they contemplate doing anything that involves our area of expertise. Allison is that person to me.

Litigation partner:

Allison’s potent combination of marketing expertise and knowledge of the legal industry have been a huge asset to me in terms of growing my practice and attracting top-notch clients.  She is incredibly efficient with her time and her insights have helped me to hone in on the marketing efforts that were likely to result in the best return on the investment of my time. She remains a key part of my marketing strategy and I highly recommend her.  

Mark Tweedy, C. Med.:

Allison was instrumental in my transition to a practice devoted to mediation and arbitration. With her assistance, I was able to develop and then execute a plan going forward.  I continue to use Allison’s services to keep me my marketing and business development work on track. I have no hesitation in recommending Allison as a coach and a marketing consultant.

Cory Furman, IP Lawyer:

Allison assisted me in a previous firm to undertake strategic planning work in the professional group in the firm, as well as providing business development and career mentorship coaching to lawyers employed by my firm at the time. Since then I have also worked with Allison on a one on one basis both in the area of business development and professional services marketing, as well as more generally as a coach and sounding board for my personal career.  Allison has in all cases been responsive to my needs, and very helpful in terms of helping me to generate and action ideas from a business development and career development perspective. She is empathetic, personable and a top-notch advisor in terms of helping me to keep my eye on the ball, so to speak, on issues as they come on and off of our agenda.

Robert Marcoux, Partner, Personal Injury Law Firm:

Professional development is never urgent, so it is easy to postpone it in favour of urgent and important issues (usually file related). Allison has been a fantastic resource for me moving from a mid-level associate focused on file management to a senior position involved in file generation, leadership, and overall career planning. It has been a journey of both personal and professional development. Allison’s coaching style provides a relationship that empowers and supports me as a professional and holds me accountable for progress towards my goals. She balances accountability with understanding the nature of a busy practice. Unlike a conference where the energy and motivation fades within days or weeks, my relationship with Allison has evolved as my development changed over the course of the last couple of years and I still feel like I get tremendous value from her coaching.

Monique Shebbeare, Wills, Estates, and Reproductive Law:

Coaching with Allison has been invaluable to me and my career. Allison is a dedicated, patient and effective coach. She has been both a practical resource for business development and a sounding board on the human and emotional level. Allison has given me an understanding of the business development process in a concrete way – there is a model she gave me that I have on my bulletin board so that I can see all the different elements such as building expertise and getting known in the community. Allison helps me come up with concrete steps in each area and follow through on them. She celebrates my successes, helps me generate ideas, and holds me accountable in moving forward, even when I am feeling uncertain or discouraged. She helps me build my resilience in dealing with all the challenges inherent in being a lawyer. She also has a very essential human touch I really appreciate.

Strata property associate:

Any professional can attest to the fact that there are not enough hours in the day, which is why marketing is often the last work left on our “to do” list. Ironically, it is also the most important work to do, because without client development, there would be no clients to work for. On our own, making time for client development can be quite daunting. Coaching helps to lighten the load, and provides much-needed support, focus and direction.

With Allison’s assistance, I learned the best way to market is to market the best way you can. I know Allison’s program worked for me because the personalized coaching sessions were in fact made for me. I started (and most importantly, stuck with!) a personalized professional development plan that works for me. Making a plan, and continuing to put that plan into place. Without question, coaching helped shape the direction of my practice, and shifted my approach to client development.

Litigation Associate:

There are many competing demands on our time as lawyers.  Coaching has ensured that I prioritize my time to focus on tasks that support my career goals.

Corporate lawyer:

As a corporate lawyer at an internationally recognized firm, I find the pace and demands of this job to be overwhelming at times. Allison has guided me to identify my natural strengths, and has enlightened me as to how I can draw upon these strengths to better manage the array of expectations that coincide with being a lawyer. The result has been a remarkable increase in my efficiency and productivity. This in turn has given me the confidence that I am in control of my career, a perspective I did not have prior to working with Allison.

Corporate Associate:

Developing a business plan has been very helpful and has made my approach to business development more focused versus randomly trying to do things. That was the biggest benefit. Also having the ability to bounce ideas off the coach and brainstorm and strategize together has been very valuable.

Before, I kept my work life and personal life quite separate. I have experienced a big shift in thinking and these two parts of my life are now integrated. I have incorporated networking into my social life as opposed to keeping things separate.

I now evaluate what style my clients have – formal or informal, and tailor my approach to match. Clients are appreciating the more informal tone in my communications with them.

Now that I am bringing in my own files I feel more confident at the firm. This confidence is helping me to develop better relationships with the partners and associates. My clients are helping me to become more independent and allowing me to focus on the type of work I want to do.

Associate, Business Law Firm:

Any presentation on goals gets cheesy so quickly, this was practical not cheesy. Keep up the great work!

Women Lawyers Retreat Coordinator, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia:

I have heard nothing but praise from the registrants, many of whom have taken the trouble to email me personally with their comments.

Participant, Taking on the Associate Marketing Challenge, 37th ALA Annual Conference and Exposition:

Interactive speaker; allowed audience to participate wholly. Ms. Wolf is a dynamic, articulate speaker and knows her subject.

Director of Associate Training and Development, National Canadian Law Firm:

Allison, that was great today. Thanks very much. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship between our firm and you!

Managing Partner, Intellectual Property Firm:

Thank you for an outstanding presentation at our offices. I have followed up with our folks and they really enjoyed and internalized your talk. This is excellent.

Litigation Partner:

A testament to her success is that many of our associates have developed successful practices and attained partnership as a result of Allison’s training.

Corporate lawyer:

I wanted to send an e-mail letting you know that I found the business development information provided by Allison Wolf during the session to be brilliant. It far exceeded my expectations. No more struggling to develop a personal marketing plan. By the end of the day, I drafted a one-page, clear and concise list of objectives.

Director, Associate Training and Development, Vancouver Business Law Firm:

I just wanted to thank you again for your contribution to the associates retreat. It certainly was everything I hoped it would be. Thanks again, you did a great job.