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My clients are lawyers of all levels of call and diverse practice areas from across the United States and Canada.

I have found that lawyers and their legal practices evolve through many different phases.  At various points in a career, the help of a coach can be useful to support the next step forward.

I am retained both privately by individual clients, and by law firms.

Private Clients:

I am often retained directly by lawyers seeking the support of a coach to help them tackle a challenge, learn or develop skills, improve performance, or make a change.  For more information on the types of work I do with clients please see When to Use a Coach.

The advantage for lawyers who hire me directly is complete confidentiality.  No one need know that they are working with a coach.  They are completely in the driver’s seat and have no need to report back to their firm on the coaching engagement.

Some of my private clients are reimbursed by their firms for their coaching expenditures out of their discretionary budgets.

Law Firm Clients:

I am frequently hired by law firms to provide coaching for one or more lawyers at the firm.  Most often these coaching engagements are structured around one of the following objectives:

I develop specialized coaching packages for law firm clients to suit their unique objectives.