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Suggested Reading

Business Development

This book comes with a big price tag $89 US but packs a lot of value.  It is my top recommendation for learning how to bring in new clients  to your practice and your firm.

Listening Skills

The single most important skill for a professional is that which is most-frequently overlooked – listening.  Everyone could do with investing in developing their listening ability (including me)!  This book tells you how.

Getting Organized

One April long weekend several years ago I implemented the full “Getting Things Done” system.  For lawyers I think the system as a whole can be too complex.  What I recommend is reading the book and putting into action the systems and processes that best suit your way of working.  The book has lots of great ideas you can easily implement.

Beating Procrastination

A fabulous book full of procrastination-busting tips.  Even if you are too much of a procrastinator to get through the whole book, a quick scan read will give you lots of good tips to action.

Your Professional Foundation

Goldsmith is one of the world’s best leadership coaches.  This book is an entertaining read as well as a valuable tool for facing down the annoying habits that are getting in the way of your professional growth.  (This book is especially valuable for those of you who think you don’t have any annoying habits!)

This is the guidebook to many of the energy-sustaining practices for working smarter not harder.  Do check out the related website www.theenergyproject.com.

This is the text book for learning how to say no in a way that is effective, in alignment with your priorities and values and in a manner which preserves relationships.  If you are “no-challenged” this is a must-read!