Experience Coaching

Complimentary Discovery Session

A Typical Coaching Session

In the initial complimentary first session, the client and I meet to discuss their professional needs and to learn more about each other. Here we determine if we share the respectful rapport that serves as the foundation of the coaching relationship. The meeting also allows us to discuss the client’s reasons for seeking out coaching and the desired results. Once we decide to work together, we will talk about timing, scheduling, and the coaching process.

A typical one hour coaching session begins with setting the focus for the meeting and the desired outcomes for the session. To start, the coaching sessions are often about the client’s current situation and the goals they wish to set. During subsequent coaching sessions clients will often share recent wins, debrief strategic action they have taken, and consider next steps. Clients always leave the meetings having done some deep thinking and with action items to undertake in the coming weeks.

All goal setting, learning, and action is based upon a foundation of my client’s personal and professional strengths. Each client is unique and will have distinct solutions. In every meeting the focus is on uncovering the client’s ideas, knowledge and experience first.

To help each client access their own wisdom I will sometimes assign self-observation exercises.  These are structured quite simply to support clients in watching themselves in action and journaling what they notice.

I come equipped with deep experience of supporting lawyers in achieving their goals, and have ideas, tools and resources to share. From time to time I will step into a consulting role to help my clients build business plans, update professional profiles, polish resumes and other related tasks.

Coaching meetings are held over the phone or in-person. Phone coaching is highly efficient and effective — without the visual distractions of meeting in-person my clients find they are able to concentrate deeply.  Clients based in the Vancouver region will often initially meet with me in-person and subsequently over the phone.  Clients in the other parts of Canada and North America have enjoyed and benefited from phone coaching sessions.