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Twitter enlightenment

May 6, 2009

This post is a thank you to Matthew Homann of The Non Billable Hour blog for my aha moment this morning.

I am signed up on Twitter, have attracted a number of followers (thank you to all of you) and have been completely tweetless. For those of you who are not on Twitter to tweet is to communicate in 140 characters or less, not my specialty. I haven’t known what to tweet. Or even how to tweet. The big question I have been struggling with is: what can I share in 140 characters or less that is helpful and not a complete waste of mine and a reader’s time?

The answer came this morning in Homann’s e-book: 100 tweets: Thinking About Law Practice in 140 Characters or Less.

Homann’s elegant e-book demonstrates that the tweet done well is concise. Informative. At times humorous and at others hard hitting. Valuable. A powerful way of sharing insight in just a few moments of time.

Thank you Homann for this valuable e-book and powerful example of how to communicate in the Twitter universe.

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