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Areas of Focus

My coaching work with clients generally falls into four general areas: Business Development, Practice Management, Career Transition, and Leadership.  Client’s rarely wish to focus on just one of these areas. Most often our work together will touch on two or more of these at one time. My strength as a coach is the decade plus of experience and training that allows me to meet my clients where they are – working on stress reduction one day, and a business plan the next.

Business Development Coaching:

Business development coaching is of value to lawyers at all stages of practice from new associates to senior partners.

Business development coaching supports lawyers in:

Results: Lawyers learn advanced rainmaking skills. They become better business developers. They set goals for their practice, expand their client base and introduce new clients to their firms.

Practice Management:

There are many good lawyers who fail to become great because of a lack of organizational skills. They are kept on track by able support staff but ultimately their fire-fighting mode of practice can lead to mismanaged client relationships, burned out juniors and a practice that leaves no room for taking part in other activities.  Their relationships with family and friends suffer and other personal priorities such as fitness are abandoned.

Practice management coaching provides:

Results: Improved organization and time-management skills. The lawyer has time to effectively manage his/her files, take part in firm activities and support client relationships.

Outplacement Coaching and Career Transition:

I provide confidential and experience support to lawyers facing job transitions. I am hired both by law firms and by individual lawyers.

My outplacement coaching program works through seven steps and includes the following:

Opening conversations

Strengths and opportunities

Strategic planning

Career documents



Evaluating, negotiating, and embarking


Leadership coaching is designed to provide lawyers with the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders. Too often law firms assign lawyers to leadership positions without providing them with support or training. In most cases leadership does not come naturally but needs to be studied and mastered through practice.

Leadership coaching supports lawyers in:

Results: Lawyers learn to effectively lead teams, facilitate planning, and obtain follow-through on action items. They also become effective mentors to junior lawyers.