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Allison Wolf

I am a certified executive coach and President of Shift Works Strategic Inc. providing coaching to enhance the performance and success of lawyers. I am also the founder and publisher of the law blog “Attorney With A Life.”

My coaching practice is entirely focused on lawyers, helping them thrive not just survive in their chosen profession. I am retained by individual lawyers and law firms with clients across Canada, in the United States and Australia.

My particular strengths as a coach are business development (growing client relationships, originating new clients); practice management (practices for maximizing energy and efficiency, organization, timekeeping); and leadership at all levels of seniority. Having worked with a wide group of clients from every area of practice I have developed a deep understanding of the national and international legal marketplace that informs my work with my clients.

Prior to becoming a coach I worked for over a decade as an in-house legal marketing and business development professional for law firms of all sizes and scope. I began with the Beijing, New York and Washington D.C. offices of an international law firm, followed by a national Canadian firm and a large litigation firm. I am a recognized expert in legal marketing and business development, frequently asked to write for U.S. and Canadian legal journals and present to professional associations and private law firms.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation; a former board member with West Coast LEAF; Past-President of both the LMA Vancouver Chapter and the non-profit Pacifica Family Addictions Foundation.  I have a B.A. from McGill University, and hold an Executive Coaching Certification (CEC) from Royal Roads University. I chose Royal Roads specifically because of the rigor of its program and because its graduates are required to pass an audited coaching session with senior coaches as judges at the conclusion of the course. The program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation which is the official international governing body of the profession.

I conducted graduate studies in Communications and East Asian Studies at McGill University and the Beijing Film Academy.